Thursday, 24 December 2009

I've got eggnog in my hair.. aka best christmas EVER!

First let me start by thanking my amazing friends Tash Saunders (Dykadellic!) David Gold (DD) and Louisa Maidment (Lou) for my amazing presents, and a wonderful night.
Basically Me and the gays decided to do a gay christmas buying gifts for one and another on a budget of £15 each, we would then come round my house on the Tuesday 22nd December 2009 to exchange presents, get merry and the next day we would watch every episode of Glee in the first series.
David was the first to arrive, followed shortly by Tash, we decided we needed food for the night, so before Lou came round we went to Tesco where we purchased chocolate, pizza, chips, crisps and ice cream (not forgetting paracetamol & throat lozenges for Tash). Brodie joined us at Tesco and we walked back to mine with the goods, on arrival we cooked the food and sorted out the presents in piles of who they belonged to. Louisa arrived at 9ish and we were all anxious to see what everyone had brought for eachother, SO after the drinks had been taken out to make this christmas a merry one, the present swapping began, (presents will be listed after the blog). We started with Louisa, then David, then, Brodie, then me finishing with Tash, each opening one present at a time, the drinks were flowing and everyone was letting go (even more than usual) Photos were being taken, everyone was happy and laughing. It. Was. Amazing. Like seriously, once all the presents were open, we began to watch Alan Carr - which I barely heard due to the fucking talking!!Thankyou very much! The night gets a little fuzzy round about now, as I decided eggnog was the way to go after my wine, but I did enjoy skating on the ice whilst walking Brodie home, which incidentally is how the title "I've got eggnog in my hair" I actually did, It was funny, well the next morning we woke up mid day and watched Glee episodes 2 - 8 (it took a while) it was great but apparently it gets rather boring when you've seen them over and over, we ate ice cream, layed down, cuddled, and it was awesome togetherness, something no amount of money could ever buy, just amazing, and I hate them for getting me this attached to them when we've only got 9 months until university... sorry if ive left loads out, im still getting the hang of this blogging malarky, but I love you all the same.

Present themes:
Louisa: sheep and lesbian stuff
David: masturbation gifts and childrens toys
Tash: manly stuff & Xena
Me: princess stuff, girly stuff & GLEE!

Merry Xmas all ♥

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