Saturday, 19 December 2009

Friday 18th December 2009 - A day to remember

It all started during the day, It was an ordinary day at work, the driver (Tom) and I went to Bridport, Ottery and Somerset on delivery's. Ottery wasn't for a delivery, we had to drop off some presents to my cousin who I haven't seen for almost a year, It was amazing, not only her son looked cute as ever, but her new born baby looked just beautiful, The baby is not even a month old, and I am the FIRST Aghajanzadeh to meet her, this made me happy, although we had to leave sharpish as we had ALOT of miles to do.

After work we had the annual Christmas work meal, We went to Frankie and Bennies. We arrived at the restaurant and went straight to the bar to join other members of the work team, My father brought rounds of drinks, then me and my sister decided to go two's on rounds, easier and cheaper. We started on pints of lager, then moved onto jugs of sex on the beach, after my second jug I was feeling rather confident and felt my camper side start to slip out, causing banter on my end of the table. This died out quickly and out came the starters, I had chicken strips and the whole time I was eating all I could think was 'oh my god I feel pissed,  but don't let it show!!' I mistook the pot of red sauce for Tomato Ketchup.. It wasn't... what it was I will never know... again the drinks were flowing and everyone started to relax and show their calmer side, It was nice, I enjoyed it, until... Me and Mark (A co-worker) decided to challenge each-other to a drinking competition, although I felt bloated from all the sex on the beach, I was well up for it. The game was 'who could drink the beer the fastest' as it goes, I won, downed it in one.. BUT! I may have thrown up shortly after.. I personally blame the steak! and I still maintain the fact I won as I downed it the quickest!! After the meal I had to attend my friend Dominique's house to meet her and Sophie. It was lovely. We talked, we watched disgusting porn, and we just chilled out, and then when Sophie's boyfriend / fiance showed up to pick Sophie up he brought her baby (I still had not met her) It was amazing, I held her and she grabbed my hand and her feet were SO small, It was amazing. SO beautiful and SO well behaved. It was a day to remember, meeting two new borns from people who I love so much. OH and It was Christina Aguilera's Birthday... We shall not forget that ;)


  1. This is amazing. I love the bit about your camp side coming out, the non-ketchup part and throwing up after downing your beer! LOL!